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The functions and authorities of CVLB Sabah and Sarawak as provided under the CVLB Act 1987 (Amendment 1998) are as follows:


  1. Consider and approve applications for new licenses, renewals and modifications for all classes of commercial vehicle licenses throughout Sabah and Sarawak respectively;


  1. Impose conditions on all classes of commercial vehicle licenses covering fare fixing, fares determination, itinerary, number of passengers, operating area, weight and type of goods, handling matters and other special conditions;


  1. Suspending, canceling or imposing any appropriate penalties on any class of commercial vehicle license convicted of an offense in violation of license conditions or fails to comply with any provisions of the CVLB Act 1987 (Amendment 1998) and the rules made thereunder and the law other in force;


  1. Determine the duration of license for all commercial vehicle license classes;


  1. CVLB Sabah: issuing all commercial and public transport licenses for Sabah and temporary licenses on commercial vehicles from Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan (Indonesia) entering Sabah;


  1. CVLB Sarawak: Licensing commercial vehicles from Sabah, Brunei, and West Kalimantan Indonesia or other countries authorized to operate in Sarawak;


  1. Conduct a new route study before giving consideration to the application for a bus license for the requested routes;


  1. Collecting records, financial statements, statistics or other documents pertaining to the business of a commercial vehicle license holder;


  1. Determine the procedure of the application, process and consider the application for license, charging, fixing penalties and determining identification marks to commercial vehicles;


  1. To perform the duties in relation to the enforcement of the terms of the commercial vehicle license.